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Tips for throwing a party!

Rooster on the Run would love to assist you in any way possible. We have attached a little checklist of things that will play a role throughout your hosting process!


​  1.  First define what purpose your event has, determine your goals for your event. Figure out who your guests/audience will be.

  2.  Set a budget. No matter the size of the event, it would be foolish not to have a budget. once you have your budget in place it will be much easier to say NO when you need to

  3.  Deside on a date and location. If you are hosting your own party at your own property, then deciding the date can be easy. If you want to have this event in a special location/ Venue then you will need to make calls far in advance to see if the desired date is even available.

  4.  Create a timeline! It doesn't have to be anything extravagant.  I know this task can feel overwhelming at first. All you have to do is start your timeline with key milestones and deadlines. for example if you want to get married at sunset well then you have already started your timeline in your head. Just write it on paper to iron the details out! Before you know it you have yourself a beautiful Minute by Minute timeline.

  5.  Create a guest list. Find out who should be a part of this special day. Maybe it's just close friends and family. Regardless of who you think should be in attendance, I always suggest having someone help you decide, create and contact the guest list. Creating a "team" will always lessen your stress levels. Divide and concur! Take a look at your timeline and assign members of your team to certain parts of your timeline. Check in with these people on a regular basis. After all, it is your event!

  6.  What Theme? Every event needs a theme. Unicorns? Woodland?Maybe Rainbow - Pride. This is based off who your theme is based around. Let's say it's your wedding, you love eucalyptus and the color purple. Well, there's your theme! A theme can be as simple as colors. Having a theme will help you plan your food and decorations!

Recommendation: Hire an event planner for anything you do not feel confident in. A professional company like RHETA ALLEN & COMPANY will make lite work of your stressful event!

I have put a link at the bottom.

  7.  Now it's time to arrange the necessary logistics.

Ask yourself the following:

-What kind of food should we have?

-Do I provide the beverages?

-Do I send out invites or create an event on social media?


-What other entertainment should be provided?

-Is there enough space for everyone if they all show up?

-Do I make everyone R.S.V.P?

-What and how am I going to decorate?

-Is there a dress code?

  8.  Food and drink are the most important part of the event. Think about it, whenever you go to any party what are your first thoughts? "I wonder what kind of food they will have for us?" "Will they have drinks?" "Will they have drinks for my kids?" "Should I have brought something?" "Maybe we should just grab lunch before we head the the event." These questions will go through every guest's head at some point prior to arrival. I have the solution to this!

  ** - Plan ahead! Call Rooster on the Run at least a few weeks if not months in advance. Just like booking a venue, you will need to see if your date is available. We will make sure to provide you with all the food and drinks your guests will need! Not only will it make your life easier but you won't have to worry about things being hot or Aunt Karen bringing that dreaded casserole that nobody likes but she insists on everyone having a bite. We will work with you on creating the perfect menu that caters to adults as well as kids! We can bring everything that's needed to accomplish a successful event! You just tell us where and when. We show up about an hour in advance depending on the type of service you're requesting. If you dont need to come and set-up. You can pick-up the food! Once again, you just tell us the date and time. EVERYTHING, food and beverage related will be stress free and perfect. Guaranteed! The best part about calling Rooster on the Run is not having to cook the food! Who wants to cook during a special event that they should attend as a guest and enjoy themselves?  


      You have finalized the major details of our event

   9.  Set the mood! Create a festive atmosphere with music, lights, and decorations.

  10.  Get creative! Take advantage of our custom catering options and create a unique menu for your guests.

Enjoy! Our professional and courteous staff will take care of all the details, so you can enjoy your party stress-free.

Click below for an event planner/decorator!

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